What’s for Lunch – What’s for Dinner
Enjoy homemade hummus and pita, cabbage roll and authentic Lebanese tabbouleh.

Save room for a perfectly seasoned, grilled chicken that’s served over a generous portion of Hashwa, a traditional rice dish made with beef, almonds and savory spices.

Take your choice of iced tea or coffee. The Greba butter cookie is a perfect complement for either.

There’s plenty of seating inside. In a hurry? Get it to go; and grab some additional items in the deli.

Hafli Numbers
2 months of preparation 65 pans of kibbeh 80 gallons of hummus 300 trays of baklawa 500 pounds of ground beef 1,000 handmade meat pies 2,000 meals served 3,000 grape leaves 5,000 cookies 5,000 cabbage rolls