Hafli began more than 60 years ago as one-night Lebanese dinners. Over the years, the festival moved to different locations and was even held at different times during the year.

The community now looks forward to a four-day celebration held at St. Antony Orthodox Church every second week in November.

Businesses in the Tulsa area have even made Hafli an early holiday company tradition; ordering Friday lunch to-go orders for all of their employees. We can’t think of a better way to support St. Antony. Festival proceeds are used to fund the church’s many charitable programs.

Please consider bringing non-perishable food items to St. Antony during Hafli. All donated items will be delivered to the Kendall-Whittier Neighborhood Food Bank.

Interested in Church History? Church tours are available in the evenings.  We invite you to learn more about Orthodox Christianity.